Techniques For Getting One Way Backlinks

Getting one way backlinks becomes a lot easier if one understands what it is all about, and why it so important. A backlink here is simply an incoming link provided to one page on a website by another webpage. This second webpage could be on the same site or on an external website.

Say if two webmasters come to a mutual agreement to put each other’s links on their respective sites, that would be a 2-way link partnership. No doubt these are valuable for boosting search rankings, but the ones that really help a lot are one way backlinks. This is when the page in question gets an incoming link without having to give one back in return.

For example, this can happen when a page gets mentioned within blog posts or articles on other sites, or when the website gets listed in a directory or in the resource section of another site. There are actually three different ways this happens. One is where people link to the page/site naturally. It is also possible to purchase a listing, or put in some effort to acquire links.

Organic Links: This type of occurs naturally in conversations on the net, in blogs and articles posted on other sites. The valuable content and incoming links pushes up search rankings, and the page also gets direct traffic from all the links. In a bootstrap type sequence, the links lead to higher search rankings which in turn attracts more links from other sites.

Directory & Article Submissions: If the page/site in question is not able to get enough organic links, then it can be supplemented with efforts and money. One way is to get free or paid listings in directories. Submissions can also be made to article aggregation sites, where the byline provides a valuable link-back.

Blog & Forum Post Comments: Yet another way to get a lot of these links is to post comments on certain blogs/forums which a do-follow policy. A comment allows inclusion of a link to the poster’s website in the signature. So posting comments adds up to a considerable number of one way backlinks over time.